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The Theology of Dads radio programme is an insightful and engaging show that explores the role of fatherhood through a theological lens. Hosted by renowned theologian and father, Dr. James Anderson, the programme delves into the complexities and joys of being a dad in today's world.

With a deep understanding of theology and a wealth of personal experience as a father, Dr. Anderson brings a unique perspective to the topic. Each episode features thought-provoking discussions and interviews, covering various aspects of fatherhood, parenting styles, moral and ethical dilemmas, and the spiritual growth of both fathers and their children.

The Theology of Dads radio programme aims to provide fathers with guidance, encouragement, and inspiration, as they navigate the challenges and responsibilities of raising their children. Dr. Anderson believes that fatherhood is a sacred calling, and through the programme, he offers valuable insights and practical advice that can help dads become more intentional and purposeful in their role.

From exploring the importance of being present in a child’s life to discussing the impact of faith on father-child relationships, Theology of Dads equips dads with the tools they need to foster a strong and nurturing environment for their families. Dr. Anderson’s warm and relatable demeanor allows listeners to connect with the content on a personal level, making the programme an engaging and impactful resource for fathers of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Overall, Theology of Dads is a radio programme that seeks to empower fathers with the knowledge and understanding they need to become effective and spiritually grounded parents. By blending theology, personal anecdotes, and practical insights, it serves as a valuable resource for dads who strive to create a loving and spiritually enriching environment for their children.

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The program focuses on the unique journey of fatherhood through the lens of faith and theology.

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